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Fully accessible beaches

The fully accessible beaches have full access to the beach, as the wheelchair user is able to get from the beach into the sea moving on a wooden or plastic ramp. There is also availability of hygiene facilities and parking places for disabled persons. It is worth mentioning that on some of these beaches there is an innovative system Seatrac that enables disabled people to have a full access to the sea. It is an automatic system powered by photovoltaic energy, consisting of a seat fixed in a rail that drives the disabled person into the sea at an approximate depth of 60cm. Beaches have Floating Wheelchairs that can be easily moved on the sand and float in the water thanks to their floating armrests and wheels. Seatrac and Floating Wheelchairs are available for use by the public free of charge and relevant information may be obtained by the lifeguards on the beaches.

Partially accessible beaches

The partially accessible beaches are partially accessible, meaning that they have available ramps or pathways leading to some point on the beach but the access is not extended into the sea. On these beaches there are available hygiene facilities, parking places for disabled persons.
Alykes Beach in Cyprus
Fully accessible beach

Alykes Beach

A beautiful beach in the centre of the Pafos (Paphos) tourism district. The 200-meter-long coastline of Alykes, located in the tourist region of Kato Pafos, features deep golden beaches, calm, pure waters, and lush vegetation.
Coral Bay Beach  in Cyprus
Fully accessible beach

Coral Bay Beach

A coast that ranks amongst the loveliest of the region. Located in the Pafos (Paphos) region in Pegeia – a thriving tourist resort – the 500-metre long, Coral Bay Beach is considered to be one of the loveliest coasts of the area.
Coral Bay Beach  in Cyprus
Faros Beach in Cyprus
Fully accessible beach

Faros Beach

There are signs indicating the route to the beach, which is easily accessible by car, bus, bicycle, and motorcycle. According to several studies, it is a sandy beach with water of outstanding quality.
Geroskipou Municipal Beach  in Cyprus
Fully accessible beach

Municipal Beach

A beach teeming with life and action. The 400-meter-long, sandy Municipal Beach in the Pafos (Paphos) neighbourhood of Geroskipou is a hub of activity, holding everything from water sports and sporting events to concerts.
Geroskipou Municipal Beach  in Cyprus
Kafizis Beach in Cyprus
Fully accessible beach

Poli Chrysochous Beach

A beautiful beach in Polis Chrysochous, a renowned tourist destination. The golden sands and calm seawaters make this a popular destination for everyone, particularly families with children.

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