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Places of interest


Limassol is a city on Cyprus’s southern coast. It is famous for the centuries-old Limassol Castle, which houses the Cyprus Medieval Museum as well as a collection of pottery and tombstones. On the water’s edge lies the Prokymea (Molos) Sculpture Park, which features sculptures by Cypriot, Greek, and international artists. The Limassol Archaeological Museum is located in the northeast and displays objects from the Neolithic to the Roman periods.

Amathous Archeological Site

Amathous Archeological Site  in Cyprus
The ancient city of Amathous is located on the south coast of Cyprus, approximately seven kilometres east of the city of Lemesos. During archaeological investigations on the hills surrounding Amathous, traces of the oldest human existence, going back to the Neolithic period, were discovered.
Wheelchair accessibility is limited; just the lower town can be observed.
Special rest rooms: available
Tel.: +357 25635226
Opening hours:8:15 – 17:15 ( 16/9 – 15/4 )
8:15 – 19:45 ( 16/4 – 15/9 )

Kourion Archaeological Site

Kourion Archaeological Site  in Cyprus

Small bridges and corridors make almost the entire site wheelchair-accessible. Some descriptive signs at the site are available in Braille ( House of Efstolios ) The western portion of the site is accessible through a specific entrance that can be unlocked by site security.
Tel.: +357 25934250
Opening hours:
Daily: 8:15 – 17:15 ( 16/9 – 15/4 )
8:15 – 19:45 ( 16/4 – 15/9 )