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Paphos, which is one of the most important centres of civilization in the entire Mediterranean, is also known as the mythical goddess Aphrodite’s island. The goddess’s rock may be found in Paphos, one of the most important centre of culture in the entire region. Paphos, one of Cyprus’s historic capitals, is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in its entirety. Paphos’s illustrious history dates back to antiquity, when the religion of the goddess Aphrodite flourished in this beautiful area of the earth, attracting tourists from around the globe, and later, when it was involved with the introduction of Christianity.

Byzantine Museum

Byzantine Museum in Cyprus
The Byzantine History Museum in Paphos offers an inherited wealth from charming collections o findings from the 17th- 18th century. Within the exhibits is the oldest icon ever located in Cyprus.

Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum in Cyprus
The Paphos archaeological museum has a time subsistence of 10,000 years. Copper Age artefacts dating back to 8300 B.C. are on display at the museum thanks to archaeological investigations in the region of Paphos.

Episkopi Environmental
Information Centre

Episkopi Environmental Information Centre in Cyprus
The Episkopi Environmental Information Centre is a learning area for anyone who aspires to become aware of climate change and other significant issues impacting our planet, such as the conservation of flora and animals.

Paphos Castle

Paphos Castle in Cyprus
The modest Pafos castle is located atop a historic mound in the western portion of the city’s harbour. Its current qualities are the product of multiple treatments. The Frankish overlords constructed the castle in the middle of the 13th century to replace the ‘Saranta Kolones’ Byzantine fort, which was damaged by an earthquake in 1222 A.D. It appears that the Frankish overlords originally constructed two towers: the castle at the harbour and a round tower, vestiges of which are visible 50 metres west of the current tower.

Local Archaeological
Museum of Marion-Arsinoe

Episkopi Environmental Information Centre in Cyprus
Entrance: Ramp.
Special rest rooms: available.
Tel.: +357 26322955
Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 16:00
Saturday: 09:00 15:00
Closed on Sunday