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Visiting one of Limassol’s several museums will add an added dimension to your trip. Popular museums include the Lemesos Medieval Museum, the Folk Art Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Wine Museum, and the Cyprus Theatre Museum. History enthusiasts will leave the charming city of Limassol with unforgettable recollections.

Cyprus Theatre Museum

 Pierides Museum  in Cyprus

In 1978, optician and actor Nicos S. Nicolaides donated his rare theatrical record to the Limmasol Municipal, laying the groundwork for the construction of the Limassol Theatre Museum. After many years, and with the help of Mr. Solomonidi’s generosity, the building was purchased and its doors opened.

Classical & Historic Car Museum

Cyprus Limassol Classical & Historic Car Museum
Mr. N. Mavropoulo, a visionary and rally racing veteran, developed the Classical Car History Museum in order to give unique experiences to aficionados of classic cars.

Archaeological Museum

Cyprus Limassol Archaeological Museum

The Limassol Archeological Museum was founded in 1948; initially, it was in the control of the Limassol Castle; however, the debates of 1964 resulted in its forced closure and transfer to the National Guard. 1975 marked the beginning of the modern architectural sinking, which was precipitated by the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

Cyprus Wine Museum

Cyprus Museums
Cyprus is one of the first nations to claim a major presence in the winemaking industry. Mrs. Anastasia Guy, the owner of a classic mansion in Limassol, together with her distinctive personality, established the Cyprus Wine Museum, reviving the heritage of both her family and of Cyprus.

Historical Archive Museum of Limassol

Historical Archive Museum of Limassol
Entrance: Ramp & Lift ( At the back area ).
Special rest rooms: available
No Special Parking Space.
Tel.: +357 25763755
Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 16:00